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"So how does it work?

Step #1: Fill The Form

Your first step book your rental scooter is to fill the form on this website and let us know your: name, email address, the dates you will need the scooter and which pick up point you would like to take the scooter from.

Step #2: Check Your Email!

When you have submitted the form you will receive by email:

  • An immediate request confirmation to confirm to you that we have received your booking request for scooter rental and have started processing it.
  • A booking confirmation within 24 hours that confirms your scooter rental booking provided that one scooter is available during the chosen dates.

Step #3: Pick Up Your Scooter And Start Your Adventure!

When you arrive at the pick up point and have made the payment and deposit, you are now ready to set out on your adventure on your rental scooter!

Some Questions We Get A Lot:

Is it safe to drive in Mauritius?

Yes, Mauritius is perfectly safe place to drive a scooter. However, the traffic rules are obeyed in a slightly more relaxed fashion than for instance certain European countries. Which means you will have to pay attention to the traffic around you a bit more. Luckily that generally also means that people will pay attention to you more. Watch out for the roundabouts though, they can be complicated when you are not used to them. Another good tip when starting out is to stay out of the big cities during rush hour.

How much does it cost?

The price is € 14 per day. However you will also need to place a deposit which will be refunded to you after. You will have to put a deposit of € 200

Is there a deposit?

The deposit amount to rent the scooter is € 200 or equivalent in other currency. A credit card authorization for the same amount is also possible with most of our suppliers.

Any discounts for long term rental?

Yes discounts may be possible when renting more than a week depending on demand.

What documents are required?

You are required to submit your drivers license and your passport when taking the vehicle.

Can I cancel my scooter booking?

Yes you can cancel the scooter rental before you pick it up, but please inform us at earliest opportunity.

Can we drive 2 persons on 1 scooter?

Yes its perfectly legal to drive two persons on one of our rental scooters.

What about helmets?

Helmets and reflective vests (as required by law to drive a scooter at night) will be provided when you rent the scooter at no extra charge.

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